• “At the crossroads of the world”


      Holy Cross, founded in 1852, has been serving at “The Crossroads of the World” and “Hell’s Kitchen” for 160 years,and has grown and changed with the each changing neighborhood. An oasis of peace and serenity in one of the busiest areas of our City, it is a beautiful, sacred space which welcomes so many people over the course of the day. Here, as a parish community, we give daily thanks to God in the Eucharist, in a place serving as a beacon of faith, hope and charity. It is a daunting task to continue serving here in Times Square but with the prayerful assistance and generosity of our parishioners and friends we do the utmost to responsibly administer the programs, finances and facilities of Holy Cross. Together, staff, parishioners, visitors and friends make Holy Cross the "Miracle on 42nd Street."

      We hope that your visit to our website will not only give you an insight into Holy Cross Church but also encourage you to stop by in person for Mass or just a visit when you are here “at the Crossroads of the World.”


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    • The Cappuchin Order

      We are very pleased to have Fr Gerard Mulvvey and the Capucchin Order of the Franciscans administrating over Holy Cross Church. Feel free to visit  the attached links to learn more about about the work and the history of the Cappuchin order.

    • The Dwelling Place

      Welcome             Holy Cross Supports

      The Dwelling Place is a privately-funded transitional residence for women located in Midtown Manhattan. Since 1977, we've provided shelter, sustenance and support to thousands of women. One of our favorite residents summed it up best: "It's not the food. It's not the shelter. It's the love. There's so much love." Whether you're here as a donor or volunteer, or as a woman seeking shelter, we hope that The Dwelling Place will find a special place in your heart.

    • Praying the Rosary
      At Holy Cross Church, we are always asked how to pray the rosary, and about its' importantance in the experience of being Catholic. Praying the rosary each and every day gives us strength and hope to continue living a good Catholic life. Please visit the link belo, from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and start praying today

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